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Patio cover Éclipse® 360°

The Eclipse 360° system is a modular, upgradable patio cover concept.

fond arrondi




  • Two designs for two styles: contemporary and traditional
  • Perfectly adjusted corner assembly
  • Neat finish: no visible fasteners



  • 170 mm tubular louvers • In the closed position, sealed by an EPDM seal
  • Integrate in their form a water collector allowing it to be dry even after a downpour.
  • Different positions to regulate light and ventilation
  • Comb system to prevent the louvers from being lifted in strong winds

Louvers hanging


  • Easy mounting thanks to pre-drilled profiles
  • End caps in lacquered aluminium
  • Rotation parts for silent operation and longevity

Integrated motorisation


  • Fully integrated motor
  • Reliable and robust regardless of the pergola size
  • Silent
  • No end position to adjust

Intermediate beam


  • Punching tools dedicated to the machining of the centre beam.
  • Beam can withstand heavy loads
  • One motor for two modules
  • Reinforced sleeving for perfect rigidity

Water drains


  • Fully integrated and invisible system
  • Bolting in the gutter ensuring a good waterproofing


  • LED light perfectly integrated into the structure of the pergola
  • Area of uniform illumination and shadow-free on 2 or 4 sides
  • Operating the louvers and lighting with the same remote control

Focus solutions

Optimised manufacturing and installation

The range of profiles and accessories for the Luciole pergola is the result of a perfect optimisation of the concept, focusing on the simplification of manufacturing and installation.


  • Identical belt and post profile: optimisation of stock and rationalisation of the fall rate
  • Pre-machined profiles for perfect louvers setting
  • Pre-machined drains on the beams
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the joining parts.
  • Perfect adjustment of the mitre cuts thanks to a fastening bracket
  • Floor mounting with an invisible plate
  • Easy connection with a cover system for safe wiring
  • Quick and reliable fastening thanks to a clip-in profile on the structure