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Espace® WINDOW

The Espace® window and patio-door ranges with thermal break, suited for new building, for renovation or for conservatories and extensions of dwelling, allow to create unique and pleasant, totally customised, spaces.

This window offer combines a wide selection of mitre-cut frames and vents assembled by means of crimping or screwable corner cleats. It meets every need and every configuration: French opening, English opening, tilt turn, bottom hung and includes various possibilities of combinations, allowing the composition of assemblies.

Accessories are common to all the window offers, and are customisable. Whether in building or in renovation, window or patio doors, the Espace® 50TH range shall always remain a synonym of comfort, safety and elegance. It allows you to guarantee a competitive and qualitative offer, able to meet any kind of requirement.

Thanks to the Espace® 70TH windows, you will never have to choose between design and performance for your projects. It stands out by its exceptional heat and sound insulation properties. Its design, very modern and entirely customisable is the fruit of a specific work to meet demanding projects (3 inside designs, 2 outside designs).

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  • Punching tools allowing you to perform all of the ranges’ processing
  • Specific crimping or screwable 3D corner cleats, possibility to inject glue
  • Easy installation thanks to frontal fixing brackets (new build)
  • Seal for sound insulation
  • Homogeneity on a thermal level
  • Sealing by independent flank


Espace® 50TH

In accordance with DTU 36.5

Range under DTA

Espace® 70TH

In accordance with DTU 36.5

Range under DTA

In accordance with RT 2012 and BBC (Low-Energy Building)