Window with concealed vent Window with concealed vent

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Espace® window with concealed vent

The High Performance Espace® window with concealed vent O.C. 70TH meets perfectly well the requirements of the building market. It allows the achievement of combinations ensuring perfect homogeneity of the clear views between the fixed windows and the vents. The range provides fillings of up to 44 mm. The range includes two kinds of frames:

Frames of 70 mm wide, with incorporated or added joint covers, assembled by means of crimping or screwable corner cleats, or frames with straight cuts with incorporated shutter pieces and joint covers.

There are two different designs for the vents assembled by means of crimping or screwable corner cleats: square matching the square panels (straight cut and quick assembly) or chamfered panels.

An offer of handles, compatible on both windows and doors, is available for an even look.

This range eventually provides a selection of vents with frames of 16 mm.

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  • Performance adjustable to the building’s global performance requirements
  • Homogeneity on a thermal level
  • Central two-component seal
  • Punching tools allowing you to perform all of the ranges’ processing
  • Specific crimping or screwable 3D corner cleats, possibility to inject glue
  • Identical inside and outside grooves on the metal sheet


  • In accordance with DTU 36.5
  • Range under DTA
  • In accordance with RT 2012 and BBC (Low-Energy Building)