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Pergola with movable blades

The pergola with movable blades brings an effective and optimised solution in the field of sun shades. Its movable blades allow you to adjust the shade and the airflow to ensure your comfort throughout the year.

Its tubular structure is created with a tubular supporting beam ensuring its very high stiffness, by assembly and clipping of the mitre-cut aluminium lacquered profiles by means of screwable corner cleats.

The movable blades are tubular in order to ensure their stiffness, available in different lengths, and will ensure the roof top’s sealing thanks to their specific shape and their finishing joint.

The new home profiles and blade holders are pre-drilled in order to ease the assembly and the laying.

Integrating rainwater downpipes to the poles to ensure perfect aesthetics.

The concept allows the creation of pergolas based on one or several modules.

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  • Easy implementation and laying
  • Suited to all kinds of architecture
  • Complementarity with the Installux offer on patios
  • Immaculate and aesthetic finishing touches
  • Silent operation.


Pergola Luciole®

  • CSTB wind test: resisting wind gusts of up to 185 km/h
  • CSTB water-leak test: 130 mm of water/h + wind of 36 km/h or 225 mm of water/h without any wind

Eclipse® 360° patio cover

  • Product developed in accordance with professional rules for aluminium-frame patio cover systems (SNFA publication, Sept. 2021 version).
  • Observes French environmental regulations