Patio cover Éclipse® 360°

The Eclipse 360° system is a modular, upgradable patio cover concept.

Patio cover Éclipse® 360°

The Eclipse 360° system is a modular, upgradable patio cover concept.

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At the core of the system are two main sections (beam and post) to which complementary sections are added, making the product totally modular. The square-cut assembly joints and pre-drilled sections help minimize fabrication and assembly time. Clip-on or screw-fastened end-cap systems add the finishing touch to the product and adapt to the presence or absence of integrated comfort options. As these easy-to-modify options grow or change over time, the end-caps adapt to the new solution.
Its upgradable roof, its contrasting masses in the beam and posts, along with the customization options, make this patio cover a high-end solution that offers a customizable roof, starting with the hollow-section swivel slats with motorized operation over the whole area. The built-in drive ensures smooth, noiseless movement for comfort of use. A rainwater drainage system is built directly into one of the posts and concealed for optimum management of rainwater evacuation to the
As the first module of an evolving system, the Eclipse 360° concept is designed for living and to be adaptable to changing uses.

Plus features

  • Modular system, pre-drilled for simplicity of fabrication and installation
  • Hollow section slats give the impression of a flat ceiling
  • Slats with 135° swivel for optimum daylight transmission
  • Electric linear drive unit 100% integrated for smooth, noiseless action
  • 100% integrated electric linear drive – quiet and smooth running
  • Wide choice of upgradable, integrated comfort options (lighting, side blind, etc.)
  • Powder coated sections guaranteed up to 25 years (class 2 finish), Qualicoat®, Qualimarine® and Qualanod® certified
  • Simple Flex inside: Single blade drive kit that makes the system easier to install and more robust

Max. dimensions

  • Self-standing “island”: W x L x H = 5m x 5m x 3m
  • Parallel slats, 1 module: W x L x H = 4m x 6m x 3m
  • Perpendicular slats, 1 module : W x L x H = 6m x 4m x 3mStructure



Square-cut assembly joints hidden by cover strips are possible for optimizing fabrication times, or mitre joints can be chosen for a more refined finish.


A design statement with its slender lines, this new, deliberately high-end patio cover consists of generous beams, 285mm deep, that accept side-facing draw blinds as well as enabling a view with no visible slats when in the open position.
The 175mm post contains an optimized rainwater drainage system. The contrasting masses in the beam and posts give the structure a robust yet modern look.
Finish sections provide customization options and enable perfect adjustment of the square-cut joints.


Lighting & flat roof

  • Direct or indirect lighting on 2 or 4 sides
  • LED strip built into the slat
  • Centralized control of chosen options
  • Extruded aluminium slats with a modern, high-performance design that addresses weather-tightness and noise issues in the closed position.

Total integration

The Eclipse 360° patio cover is exclusive and innovative, maintaining slender lines while accommodating fully integrated comfort solutions:

  • Visual design: the comfort solutions are built seamlessly into the structure (vertical draw blind, LED lighting, louvre panel, bioclimatic roof, fill-panels, etc.). The electric linear drive unit is built into the post and provides a noiseless solution.
  • Upgradable: Comfort options can be integrated as and when the need arises.
  • High performance: not just a water run-off system but a complete rainwater drainage system built into one of the posts.


Customization & finishes

Give the patio cover that personal touch with customizable beams. Create a colour scheme to harmonize with the house walls, with fashion, with the owner’s whims; make the patio cover your customer’s own unique item.

Offer a wide choice of fabrics for the integrated vertical draw blind, from the “Touche de CONFORT” collection created in partnership with canvas maker Serge Ferrari.
Customizable colour schemes for:

  • The structure
  • The external finish sections
  • The blind and its weight bar


Accessories & Finishes

  • Vertical draw blind
    • Integrated draw blind with choice of 10 fabrics in our “Touche de CONFORT” collection
  • Lighting
    • Direct
    • Indirect
    • LED strip built into slats
  • External finish section
    • A 16mm section you can customize to create your own design touch
  • Coulours
    • Wide choice of colours and finishes on sections and slats – class 2 hyperdurable finish
  • Slat design features
    • With or without LED strip option
    • Flat ceiling

Focus Solution

SimpleFlex inside

Product plus features

  • 100% integrated movement mechanism for slender looks, protected by a clip-on end cap.
  • Optimum motor accessibility: located at the section end for easy repair and maintenance access.
  • Integrated electric linear drive for smooth, noiseless running.
  • Rack and pinion slat drive system: silent, maintenance-free mechanism, smooth movement.
  • Motor ingress protection rating IP66 (dust and water infiltration).
  • End-of-travel sensor: The travel start and end positions will be preset in the control centre. Ready-to-integrate kit.

Focus Smart

Integrated, centralized control center

The home automation control centre is designed to fit in the post to address the system’s accessibility concerns. To facilitate implementation, a central electrical control box is created that enables interconnection of the various cables, resulting in a patio cover that can be operated by a remote handset as well as a smartphone. The Somfy control centre is embedded in the Eclipse 360°.


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