of a Historical Site

Construction type: New
Location: Bouches-du-Rhône
Date: 2010
Area: 15 m2
Product: Luciole® T-rafter roof with gutter for roller shutter, Galaxie® 26TH sliding frame, Comète® 50TH fast-fitting door. Colour: grainy grey 2400.

The Project

Design of a conservatory in a landmarked construction district subject to approval by the Bâtiments de France authority.

The Architectural Concept

The house is situated nearby the Notre Dame de Beauvoir church, a protected historical monument in Provençal roman style, so the project would have to meet the architectural requirements of the Bâtiments de France agency.
This meant to imagine a glasshouse that would aesthetically fit as precisely as possible into the existing construction. That is why the architect imposed brick- and stonework angle pillars matching those of the house. A specific gutter motif, a 3-slope roof with 2 arris rafters, a zinc cladding on top of the sandwich panels, and two light wells complete the project. The authentic character of this well-balanced realisation fits perfectly into its environment.

The Technical Solutions

The respect of the architectural style required zinc cladding of the sandwich panels. However two glass panels provide lighting from above. The heaters are concealed behind a low masonry wall.
The finishing touch consists of bow motifs adorning the glass overpanels to accentuate the traditional style of the whole.