Charm of a Delicately Emphasized Style

Type d’ouvrage : New
Location: Seine-Maritime
Date: 2005
Area: 28 m2
Aluminiumwork: Espace Confort
Product: Luciole® tubular roof, Espace® 50TH fixed light, Galaxie® sliding frame.

The Project

Addition of a 28-m2 living room to a Normandy house, with respect of the typical regional architecture.

The Architectural Concept

A conservatory project for an existing house with very distinctive architectural features is always a delicate piece of work. It requires a smooth, unobtrusive integration respecting proportions, lines and personality. In this case the glass house had to match the Normandy character of the house, echoing the half-timbered walls without making the perspective unwieldy, enhancing the façade while fitting into the architectural frame.
It just had to look like a natural extension of the existing building providing a wide opening onto the garden.
The roof consists of insulating panels for increased thermal comfort.
The aspect of the house made it possible to install a large central light well to let the sun flood in judiciously during the most agreeable hours.

The Technical Solutions

The roof is made of tubular rafters with 32-mm sandwich panels. The light well is made of insulating glass.
Wide frontal and lateral sliding doors provide panoramic opening.