Construction type: New
Location: Var
Date: 2009
Area: 15 + 8 m2
Aluminiumwork: Alliance Véranda
Product: Luciole® tubular roof, Galaxie® 26TH sliding frame, Espace® 50TH.

The Project

Conservatory and Pergola between Earth and Sky.

The Architectural Concept

This is the story of a utilitarian project transformed into an artistic performance. Initially the construction was to be a plain conservatory destined to accommodate a kitchen. Given the situation of the house and the possibilities it offered we have developed, together with our Clients, a new, much more ambitious project.
We have imagined to cover and close an extended terrace, and to continue it with a glass-roofed pergola in order to achieve architectural integration of the project.
This resulted in a completely transparent space with an unhindered panoramic view of an exceptional landscape to enjoy all year round.
The circulation around this new house-conservatory-pergola unit was made possible by the installation of a raised wooden passageway resting on a two-floor high metal structure. The design of this harmonious whole has taken advantage of all the technical constraints imposed by the location, and has astutely combined many solutions to give the project real aesthetic value.

The Technical Solutions

In order to keep an open perspective, the glazed pergola is a postless structure with a span of over 6 m and an aluminium-clad gutter hiding a H-beam.
The conservatory roof is made of tubular rafters and white lacquered 55-mm acoustic sandwich panels. Thermal-break aluminium fixed frames and openings with Low-E 4/16/4 argon double glazing with a 1.1 Kw/m2 provide all year round comfort.
Airing and airflow are achieved by RensonTH90 ventilators in the bottom panels and at the top of the 3-sash sliding door.