Univers® 54 VEC
Structural Sealant Glazing Façade

  • Univers® 54 VEC vertical section

  • Univers® 54 VEC horizontal section

  • Univers® 54 VEC vertical section with italian window

  • Univers® 54 VEC horizontal section with italian window

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The Univers® 54 VEC range is destined to the construction of grid-pattern curtain wall façades with fixed frames and Italian windows of equal visible area, separated by 20-mm joint gaps.
This system is commonly known as mechanically clamped/fixed SG-curtain wall.

The system proposes 2 methods of glass bonding: silicon and 3M’s VHB system. Silicon is the traditional method of bonding glazing units to a curtain wall and its italian windows, whereas 3M’s VHB is a recent alternative with a patented adhesive tape sanctioned by the CSTB (official French organism) with a DTA (technical application document. The glass bonding with this system is much quicker and much easier to carry out.

The mullion-to-transom assembly is screw-fixed, the transoms are drained without machining through the mullions.

All the frames must be fitted out with safety devices for added security and safety.

The technical options of this design reduce fabrication and installation time, while guaranteeing top quality of the finished product.




+ Glazing from 6 to 32 mm.
+ Tested at 3000 Pa.


+ Fixed and openable frames of equal visible area.
+ SSG aspect with 20-mm joint gaps between the frames.
+ Choice of modern-looking mullions and transoms.


+ Mullions and transoms designed to accept easily standard tubular steel reinforcers.

A.E.V. (Air - Water - Wind) as per French standard XP P 28.004 of June 1995

< 1.5m3/h/m under P1Pressure =0.6m3/h/m2Fixed curtain wall
Depression = 0.6m3/h/m2
< 4.5m3/h/m2 under P2Pressure =3.28m3/h/m2
Depression = 2.5m3/h/m2
WATERTIGHTNESSWatertight under P3No visible infiltrationFixed parts
WIND RESISTANCEMullion sag < 1/300 under PNPressure (in mm) = 9.8m3/h/m2
Depression (in mm) = 8.2m3/h/m2
Sudden pressure
Nothing to report under PE
Nothing to report

Test report BEB1.A.5031-1 dated 6 january 2011. 

P1 = 25%PN300 Pa300 Pa
P2 = PN1200 Pa1200 Pa
P3 = 50%PN600 Pa600 Pa
PE2800 Pa2800 Pa