Swing Gate with Built-in Motor

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The Satellite® range proposes an automation system built inside the stiles. This way the gate has exactly the same neat look in- and outside.

This system has been designed and tested with proven operators. It is a genuine technical and aesthetic breakthrough. In order to keep them as slim and elegant as possible, the aluminium stiles are extruded at the dimensions of the motors.

The easiness of fabrication and installation on predrilled and pre-machined plates is an additional advantage.



+ Easy and quick installation: leaf resting on baseplate, top fixing by means of two anchoring bolts.
+ Simplified motor ajustment.
+ Tested reliability (cycle tests carried out).



+ Modern-style finishing cap.
+ Flawless joint of all the parts of the gate and perfect fitting of the gate into its environment (masonry, etc.).
+ Motorisation completey integrated into the swivelling stiles.
+ No visible mechanism.
+ Identical in- and outside view.
+ Quick unlocking in case of power cut.
+ Improved safety, incidental access to the mechanism impossible (children).
+ Complying with standards (CSTB report no. BV12-624).