Conversion of an Industrial Building

Construction type: Renovation and extension
Location: Val-de-Marne
Date: 2010
Architect: Patrick Joubard
Aluminiumwork: Centralu
Product: Galaxie® 26TH sliding frame, Espace® 50TH casement window, Comète® 50TH door. Colour : anthracite grey.

The Project

Rehabilitation of a 300-m2 joiner’s workshop that had been out of use for 10 years.

The Architectural Concept

One of the constraints of the project was for us to use all the available areas and to light them without making new openings.
We therefore have imagined a pergola leaning against the existing roof truss, in order to protect the living room while letting the sun through. We then have designed a full-glazed ground floor with large picture windows diffusing the light up to the mezzanine.
We have replaced the old PVC roof window with a 5 by 1.5 metres skylight.
The volumes have been organized in function of the light flows we could make use of, and the purpose of the rooms was determined with the same logic.
Finally we did a specific insulation job on the whole building.

The Technical Solutions

The opening frames of the main façade are fixed to the existing steel structure. All the other frames fit into the masonry or the wooden façade. The original and specific look of the front door corresponds to the style of the residence.