Espace® 70 TH
Window Renovation

  • Espace® 70 TH renovation

  • Espace® 70 TH with combination of square and round glazing bead

  • Espace® 70 TH chamfered glazing bead

  • Espace® 70 TH renovation vertical section

  • Espace® 70 TH renovation horizontal section

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This high-performance window range with its customizable look is particularly suitable for renovation. It offers an efficient solution to replace ancient windows while preserving the existing frame. A specific frame profile and a matching architrave achieve a perfect finish without any damage to the interior wall finish.

The casement profiles are square or chamfered on the outside. For the inside, three combinable models of glazing beads, square, round, or chamfered, are available.

A choice of compatible handles gives the windows and doors a same look.

PRODUCT pluses


Insulation & Weatherproofing

+ Double and triple glazing up to 55 mm.
+ Aligned thermal surfaces thanks to latest-generation centered insulating bars.
+ Bicomponent central gasket.
+ Improved performance thanks to additional gasket round the opening frame.

Large Dimensions

+ High profile inertia for large openings.
+ Suitable glazing pocket depth.


+ Specific renovation frame profile.


+ Two outside appearances.
+ Three combinable glazing bead models.
+ Concealed drainage.
+ Unobtrusive grey or black gaskets.
+ Concealed drainage.


+ Low threshold complying with PMR standard for french door.
+ Complying with RT2012, DTU 36.5, and LEB regulations.
+ Technique sanctioned by a CSTB TAD.

FABRICATION & fitting pluses



+ Punching tools available for all the machining operations.


+ Specific 3D corner cleats, crimped or screw-fixed, sealant injection possible.

Profile Optimization

+ Identical self-clipping grooves in- and outside.
+ Identical extension plates, flashings, and architraves for the 70 & 32TH ranges.


+ Choice of extension plates accepting any insulation thickness.
+ 3 models of special architraves for renovation.
+ Independent flashing for bottom waterproofness.

A.E.V. (Air - Water - Wind)
Tilt & turn window 1 leafA*4E*750AV*C4
Tilt & turn french door 2 leavesV*C3
French door1 leafE*900AV*C4
2 leavesE*750AV*C3
2 leaves with sidelightE*900AV*C4
2 leaves with low thresholdE*7AV*C3
Awning windowE*900AV*C4


TypeUg Value
Uw value
Window (W/m².K)
Double GlazingWindow1 leaf (1.25'x'1.48)1,11,6-
2 leaves (1.53'x'1.48)1,7Th9
French door 2 leaves (1.53 x 2.18)1,6Th10
Double GlazingWindow1 leaf (1.25'x'1.48)1,01,4-
2 leaves (1.53'x'1.48)1,5Th10
French door 2 leaves (1.53 x 2.18)1,4Th11
Triple GlazingWindow1 leaf (1.25'x'1.48)0,81,3-
2 leaves (1.53'x'1.48)1,4Th11
French door 2 leaves (1.53 x 2.18)1,4Th11
CSTB study report no. BV10-500


Glazing typeThickn. (mm)Rw
Window (dBA)
(Acotherm Label)
Double Glazing4-16-4Window 2432AC1
French door 24
44.2-12-10 SilenceWindow 3141AC4
44.2A-12-10 SilenceFrench door 3140
44.2A-20-66.2A SilenceWindow 4244
Triple Glazing4-10-4-10-4Window 3233AC2
French door 32
CSTB study report no. AC08-26015481/1 for the windows
CSTB study report no. AC08-26015481/2 for the french doors

DTA no. 6/12-2075 dd. 27 September 2012