Galaxie® 26 TH
Sliding Frame

  • Galaxie® 26 TH

  • Galaxie® 26 TH with optional thermal shield

  • Galaxie® 26 TH with optional internal fly screen

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Vertical Section

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Horizontal section

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This range of elegant thermal-break sliding doors and windows for new construction, renovation, and conservatories, is suitable for any type of architectural project.

It is composed of a 2 or 3-track tubular frame mitre-joined by means of crimped or screw-fastened corner cleats. Composite, aluminium, or stainless steel tracks provide smooth sliding. The pocket-type sash profiles are 90°-joined. Glazing thickness up to to 26 mm. The reinforced stiles are fitted out with finishing end caps.

The system allows for the realization of 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, or 6-sash sliding frames, adaptable to the Espace® 50TH window range. The offer includes a wide choice of handles and 1, 2, or 3-point locks.

All our sliding systems have in common a choice of standard and custom accessories.

PRODUCT pluses


Insulation & Weatherproofing

+ Glazing from 20 to 26 mm.


+ Aluminium, composite, or stainless steel rails.
+ Adjustable rollers with polyamide or stainless-steel wheels accepting a sash weight up to 140 kg.
+ Optional fly screen.


+ Stylish round-shaped profiles.
+ Flat or moulded architraves.
+ The reinforced stiles serve as fullheight handles.
+ Top and bottom finishing caps.

FABRICATION & fitting pluses



+ Punching tools available for all the machining operations.


+ Crimped or screw-fixed aluminium corner cleats.
+ Pre-cut gasket.

A.E.V. (Air - Water - Wind)
French door2 sashesA*3E*7BV*A3
French door3 sashesE*7BV*A2


With Thermal Shield Ref. 9395
insulating Glass Spacer: SGG Swisspacer
Ug Value
Uw Value
Naked Window
(Acotherm Label)
Window 2 sashes (1.53 x 1.48)1,12,2Th7
French door 2 sashes (2.35 x 2.18)1,11,9Th8
Window 2 sashes (1.53 x 1.48)1,02,1Th7
French door 2 sashes (2.35 x 2.18)1,01,8Th9


Glazing TypeThickn. (mm)Rw
Window (dBA)
(Acotherm Label)
Double GlazingClimatit 4-16-44-16-4Window 2430AC1
French door 2430AC1
Climatit 4-16-44-6-10French door 2033AC2
358 A-AP8-6-44/2 SilenceWindow 2335
French door 2335