Galaxie® 26 TH Pocket
Sliding Frame

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Pocket

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Pocket with guiding channel for roller shutter

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Galandage Vertical section

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Galandage Horizontal section

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These pocket doors and windows for new build and renovation are a variant of the Galaxie® 26TH range of sliding frames. The unobtrusive sashes slide into the space between the wall and the lining, thus clearing the total width of the opening.

Many combinations are possible with 1, 2, or 4 sashes and optional roller shutter.

PRODUCT pluses


Insulation & Weatherproofing

+ Glazing from 20 to 26 mm.


+ Aluminium, composite, or stainless steel rails.
+ Adjustable rollers with polyamide or stainless-steel wheels accepting a sash weight up to 140 kg.


+ Stylish round-shaped profiles.
+ Square or round-shaped interior finishing profiles.
+ Flat or moulded architraves.
+ The reinforced stiles serve as fullheight handles.
+ Top and bottom finishing caps.

FABRICATION & fitting pluses



+ Same punching tools as the Galaxie® 26 TH range for all the machining operations.


+ Crimped or screw-fixed aluminium corner cleats.
+ Pre-cut gasket.