Galaxie® 26 TH Monorail
Sliding Frame

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Monorail

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Monorail with transom light

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Monorail Vertical section

  • Galaxie® 26 TH Monorail Horizontal section

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This variant of the Galaxie® 26TH range allows for the realization of large sliding windows perfectly suitable for conservatories.

The specific system composed of a sash sliding in front of a fixed sidelight has an high inertia and accepts considerable weight transfer.

PRODUCT pluses


Insulation & Weatherproofing

+ Glazing from 20 to 26 mm.


+ Aluminium, composite, or stainless steel rails.
+ Adjustable rollers with polyamide or stainless-steel wheels accepting a sash weight up to 140 kg.
+ Perfectly suitable for conservatories (pole plate weight transfer).

Large Dimensions

+ Reinforced stiles for large-sized frames.
+ Reinforced structural inertia.


+ Stylish round-shaped profiles.
+ Flat or moulded architraves.
+ The reinforced stiles serve as fullheight handles.
+ Top and bottom finishing caps.

FABRICATION & fitting pluses



+ Same punching tools as the Galaxie® 26 TH range for all the machining operations.


+ Crimped or screw-fixed aluminium corner cleats.
+ Pre-cut gasket.

Profile Optimization

+ System based on the Espace® 50 TH and Galaxie® 26 TH ranges.