tubular-rafter conservatory

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Installux Aluminium's traditional Luciole® tubular conservatory is composed of a tubular-rafter roof and a structure integrating the thermal-comfort opening frames of the 50TH and 26TH range.



Installux Aluminium’s Luciole® tubular roof is composed of thermal-break tubular rafters, intermediate and ridge rafters. The infill elements are held by a pressure cap providing excellent thermal insulation.
The rafters may be reinforced in case of projects of large dimensions or located in regions with heavy snow or wind load.
The gutter is part of the pole plate and is available in two versions, with or without roller shutter box. Two models are proposed, one for a medium span, the other for a wide span, the latter with a higher capacity.


The gutter of the Luciole® tubular roof system is part of the pole plate. It accepts a high water level and has a high inertia allowing large-size installations.
The look and the finishings of the gutter have been designed with the greatest care. Three models of traditional or modern raisers give it the finishing touch.

Gutter for Roller Shutter

The gutter/pole plate of the Luciole® T-rafter roof system is also available in a version to incorporate a roller shutter box, allowing the conservatory to offer a complete blackout possibility providing absolute safety and solar protection.

Rafter & Ridge

The design of the Luciole® tubular roof is more sophisticated and achieves excellent thermal insulation. It also allows greater spans. The infill elements are held by a clip-on or screwed pressure cap, their thickness is ajustable.

The discreet exterior flashings have been designed with the greatest care to ensure absolute waterproofness. The inside aspect of visible beams has been designed to accept a lighting system.

Adjustable-Joint Rafters & Valley Rafter

The articulated design of the adjustable-joint rafter of the Luciole® tubular roof greatly facilitates the assembly and results in a uniform interior aspect.
Existence of a range of one-piece adjustable joint rafters from 126 to 230 mm, allowing slopes from 6 to 45°. Their usage is more delicate, since they impose an exact calculation of the cutting angles.

Specializing in conservatories, Installux Aluminium has developed a system allowing various shapes and slopes.
Thanks to the valley rafter of the Luciole® tubular roof system, it is also possible to realize inward sloping corners.




The choice of traditional posts of the Luciole® conservatories offers many technical solutions with variable or fixed angles.

The structure of the traditional Luciole® conservatory accepts all the thermal-comfort sliding and hinged windows of the 50TH and 26TH ranges.
A choice of large-section frames, specific to the conservatory, ensures the aesthetic consistency of the whole.

Slim Intermediate Posts

This intermediate post with its unique design is made possible by fixing two frames back to back, resulting in the reduction of the aluminium volume.
In order to achieve aesthetic consistency, the same frames may be used for the angle posts.

All the hinged windows of the 50TH thermal-comfort range and all the sliding doors and windows of the Galaxie® 26 TH range, including monorail and trirail, fit neatly into this structure.




+ High-capacity gutter.
+ Choice between two gutters according to the features of the construction.
+ Continuous concealed drainage.
+ Traditional or modern raisers.
+ Gutter caps without visible screws.
+ High inertia.

Gutter for Roller Shutter

+ Side channels and bottom slats powdercoated in the same colour as the conservatory.
+ Integration of standard roller shutters (up to 2300 x 3000 mm).


+ Pressure cap with total thermal insulation.
+ Infill up to 55 mm.
+ Special rafter end piece: no gasket interruption, perfect waterproofness.
+ Slim end caps for the transoms: drainage at joint level eliminates water stagnation.
+ Slope from 6 to 45°.
+ Roof windows possible.
+ Moulded rafters.
+ Visible beams.
+ Rafters accepting lighting system.


+ Spacer inclination matching the slope perfectly thanks to an orientable clip-on profile.
+ Clean finishing cap at the inside.

Adjustable-Joint Rafter

+ Slope from 6 to 30°.
+ Clean interior aspect.


+ All shapes possible, including inward sloping corners.

Tradition Structure

+ Built-in rainwater drainage.
+ Fixed or variable angle.
+ Specific conservatory frames.
+ Integration of all hinged and sliding windows of the 50 & 26TH ranges.
+ Large-section frames for aesthetic consistency of the whole.

Slim Intermediate Posts Structure

+ Slim visible volumes.
+ Elimination of flashings, simplified finish reducing the use of sheet alu.
+ Integration of all thermal-comfort hinged and sliding frames of the 50TH& 26TH ranges, including monorail and trirail.
+ 3 models of finishing profiles.
+ Infill up to 34 mm.
+ Concealed drainage.




+ Slope up to 45° (welding possible if required).
+ Easy fabrication: no machining for the drainage of the raisers.

Gutter for Roller Shutter

+ Corner cleat available for neat finish of the gutter angles.
+ Same concept for 50TH/26TH and 70TH/32TH ranges.


+ Pressure caps to screw or clip on.
+ 90° cuting of rafters.
+ No machining.

Adjustable-Joint Rafter

+ Articulated design: no welding, no finishing domes, simplified cutting.

Slim Intermediate Posts Structure

+ Intermediate posts without junction profiles.