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Gutter & Ridge

The strict self-imposed requirements of the Climalux concept forced Installux Aluminium to develop a new framed tubular roof in order to achieve high-standard thermal efficiency by a perfect insulation of the pole plate and of the roof infill elements.

The pole plate therefore receives an artuculated thermal-break profile framing the glazing and the rafter ends.

Besides this a foam infilling improves the thermal insulation of the ridge and the pole plate.

Adjustable-Joint Rafter & Rafter

The articulated design of the adjustable-joint rafter simplifies the assembly and gives it a uniform look at the inside.

The rafters have been designed with an improved waterproofing and accept a variety of roofing elements, regardless of their thickness.



Angle and intermediate posts

The Climalux structure also has an improved insulation thanks to a perfect alignment of the thermal surfaces.

The new design allows for profile optimization, since the angle posts and intermediate posts are composed of the same frame profile. This system results in a maximum glazed area due to a significant reduction of the aluminium volumes.

 Window Integration

The insulation of the conservatory is significantly improved by the addition of the high-performance casement and sliding windows of the 70TH and 32TH ranges.

The specific frames of equal width result in a uniform and elegant integration of the openable frames.




+ Framed glazing.
+ Continuous drainage.
+ Reinforced inertia.
+ Raised capacity.
+ Insulating foam.
+ Three aspects of gutter raisers.
+ Gutter end caps without visible screws.


+ Spacer inclination matching the slope perfectly thanks to an orientable clip-on profile.

Adjustable-Joint Rafter

+ Clean, uniform interior aspect.


+ Special rafter end piece: no gasket interruption, perfect watertightness.
+ Slim end caps for the transoms: drainage at joint level eliminates water stagnation.


+ Thermal insulation reinforced by a PVC profile.
+ Perfect alignment of thermal surfaces of structure and frames.
+ Identical width of all the fixed frames.
+ Elegant finishing cappings.
+ Slim aluminium structure.

Integration of Windows

+ Glazing up to 44 mm for sidehung windows, 32 mm for sliding windows.
+ Reinforced profiles for largesized frames.




+ Slope 5 to 45 ° (welding possible if required).
+ Easy fabrication: no machining for the drainage of the raisers.
+ Single support gasket at the periphery of the glazing units.

Adjustable-Joint Rafter

+ Articulated design: no welding, no finishing domes, simplfied cutting.


+ No machining required.


+ Mill-finish post bottom plates.
+ Angle posts and straight posts made of the same frame profiles.

Integration of Windows

+ Identical corner cleats for all the fixed frames.
+ Optimized fabrication and installation.
+ Intermediate posts without junction profiles.