Aluminium: Committed to reduce its Environmental Impact

Installux Aluminium develops aluminium systems whose high performances contribute to improve the energy balance of buildings and houses. Quite logically, we are careful to run our business with the same spirit.

We systematically propose our literature in digital form to reduce the volume of print, which is done on recyclable paper and with biodegradable varnishes.

Our profiles are transported in reusable stretchers to reduce the volume of packing material.

CivieresAnd finally, a considerable part of our surface treatment is carried out by our own powdercoating plant France Alu Colors - holder of the Qualicoat, Qualimarine, and Qualideco labels - whose commitment to environment is remarkable:

+ Since 2009 the waste powders have been directed to recycling channels, and the new chemical treatment process consists of chromium-free conversion.

Traitement + FAC has its own supervised wastewater treatment facility with a capacity of 10 m³/h, which enables it to meet the local and European regulations, and also improves the working conditions and the safety for the staff.

+ FAC develops and sets up reclaiming channels for its industrial waste: cardboard, plastic, aluminium, and polyester resin powder. The various types of waste are stored in safe units. Not yet recyclable waste is send to authorized treatment centres or perpetual storage centres.

Traitement + The running of the plant requires the use of chemicals. These are limited in number and quantities, and safely stored individually in external cabinets fitted out with individual, risk-reducing leakage retention devices. In case of fire the potentially polluted water used for extinction is drained away into a watertight containment basin with a capacity of 1,000 m³.