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At Installux, although this remains a prerequisite, we are committed to providing our customers with much more than quality aluminium systems. The sense of service is part of our DNA, and we have always strived to create real, lasting partnerships with our aluminium manufacturer joiner customers.

As our customers dynamism and durability are at the heart of our concerns, we have developed a complete range of solutions to support them in the development of their business know-how. We also guide them in optimising their technical expertise to lead them towards greater autonomy and independence. They are designed to amplify their local influence.

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Optimise your customer approach

We offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the depth of the Installux ranges while being guided in your manufacturing process thanks to various available installation supports. All to meet the product expectations of your private customers.

To go even further and support you in the development of your business, Installux offers the Xpérience programme You will thus have access to practical tools and a personalised approach to develop your communication challenges, strengthen your local reputation and enhance your business know-how. Our programme also enables you to manage your activity daily and to master market developments in terms of new purchasing behaviour, standards, regulations, trends or new technologies.

For joiners manufacturers who work directly with private individuals, who have challenges in terms of local awareness and the enhancement of their trade know-how, we offer targeted support and preconceived solutions to be manufactured. In this way, we enable them to differentiate themselves in the face of ready-to-use solutions which often neglect the essential considerations linked to custom made-to-measure manufacturing

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Accelerate your building project

You will be able to play on the depth of the Installux ranges, on the lookout for new concepts for evermore customisation and differentiation. Like so, you are guaranteed to be able to meet the specific project challenges of your specifying partners.

The Xpertise programme offers support in mastering Installux systems and provides access to many of Installux’s internal resources, including our custom design office. Together, we will thus be able to co-design unique technical solutions to meet all the challenges you may encounter, including the enhancement of your achievements to convince the various influencers and win business.


Installux offers support solutions for the co-development of specific and unique technical solutions. Co-development of specific and solutions uniques technical solutions. This programme is mainly aimed at companies looking to push their technical expertise and turn their manufacturing processes into specific, tailor-made solutions. If you are looking for support to develop solutions that would enable you to respond to new and more demanding calls for tender or to bring an architect’s vision to life, you are in the right place!

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