Aluminium gates and joinery: focus on security

Comfort doesn’t just mean well-appointed and liveable spaces. You feel good at home when you know that you can control the potential dangers, and that the risks of intrusion are avoided. Installux products are full of solutions to relax your mind and allow you to live in all quietude.

portail en aluminium très sécurisé

A robust and secure aluminium gate

The gate makes it possible to delimit a well-being space and it is normal that everything is done to ensure the safety of the residents. Installux therefore worked from two different perspectives.

portail en aluminium noir

The Robustness of the Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium is an excellent lightweight and malleable material is also extremely robust and is not subject to corrosion by water or weather, which guarantees that the installed gate can perform its function in all circumstances. It also has the advantage of being almost as shock-resistant as steel, and will obviously be much more robust than PVC.

Equipment Security

Compliant with the NF standard, Installux gates ensures safety against the risks of jamming, pinching, crushing and cutting. A compact safety seal is fitted between the structural support post and the jamb of the swing gate. The sliding gate is equipped with caster covering.


For the security of joinery

The light, the colours, the overall aesthetics of the joinery should not lead to the negligence of its protection function. Installux has designed its range of windows, doors and bays, keeping in mind that comfort is never more enjoyable than when accompanied by a feeling of security. At this point, the idea is based on two powerful ideas, both of them following the same logic.

Access to Installux aluminium products and accessories

Reliable and robust joinery

An effective window or bay should not only regulate sunlight and heat. Its role is also to prevent nuisances, such as bad weather or intruders.

High Performance Aluminium Solutions

Installux windows and doors can be fitted with fire-resistant or burglar-proof glazing, regardless of their dimensions. It is a laminated glazing whose layers are glued together by a transparent plastic film, a real advantage for the safety of the windows, bays, doors, etc. Aluminium joinery can be accompanied by high-performance roller shutters that prevent objects and intruders from accessing the glazing. Finally, the bay windows and doors can be fitted with reinforced locking systems, such as three-point locks.

des menuiseries en aluminium sécurisées

Focus on … home automation for security

Home automation is the future of housing and it is normal for designers to look at its benefits in terms of protection. Motorised gate with remote control, sound and light alarms, lighting triggered remotely by motion sensors… By offering systems that combine security and communication, Installux makes the life easier for everyone.

utilisation d'un portail motorisé en aluminium